HL 6 String Bass

This bass is a unique one for me.  I usually have a totally different design style to my builds, but I was intrigued with the build request on this bass.  The customer was very patient and a pleasure to work for.  The request was for a traveler bass that can be disassembled and packed in a carry on suit case or carried in a small Steinberger style case.  The neck had to be removable via machine screws and brass inserts.  The scale was to be 30.75 inches (short scale) and it was to be have 26 frets and be tuned to E-F.  Then later in the build, a second swap-able neck was added that was to be fretless with the same scale and B-C tuning.  This is what I came up with.

The neck(s) are quartered Tempered Maple with Macassar Ebony (fretted neck) and Ebony (fretless neck).  Stainless steel frets and marine epoxy coated fretless finger board.  Machine neck mount screws are turned with the truss rod wrench.  The back of the necks are carved in an asymmetrical contour and finished with beeswax/ orange oil topped with Zymol bridge wax.  Easy to maintain and feels terrific.

The body is Tempered Alder topped with some figured Myrtle.  I cut the top so that I could make wooden pickup covers with matching grain to the top.  Wood covers for the electronics cavities are held on with machine screws that use the same hex wrench as the bridge adjustment wrench. The body is finished in polyurethane knocked back to a satin sheen.

The electronics and hardware are comprised of Nordstrand Big Man pickups under the wooden covers, and a Fishman Power chip piezo preamp.  The pickups, including the piezo, are controlled by volume, volume, volume (piezo), tone pots.  Simple and effective.  The hardware is all Hipshot gear with the addition of the Dunlop strap gear.  I made wooden knobs which are Ebony capped with the Myrtle wood from the top.