Bill’s headless 5


This fun little beauty is a custom order for returning Customer Bill.  Bill has always wanted a headless bass and also was in the market for a fretless 5 string bass.  We decided to combine the two items from his wish list.  The design is a modified Koog V shape to allow for the bridge mechanism.  I used a deep pocket neck attachment so that the highest notes can be reached with out contact with the body.  This design also has the benefit of having the lower notes easier to reach.

Quartered tempered Maple neck with Macassar Ebony finger board.  24 fretlines mark the positions.  I matched the heel cap to the body woods and made a little embellishment on the head mount area to blend things together visually.

The body is a single piece Swamp Ash back topped with tempered Western Maple.  No dyes or stains on this bass.

EMG 40P5 and 40J pickups with a BQC 3 band EQ.  Sweep-able mids.    Hipshot headless hardware and Dunlop strap gear.

The bass is finished in polyurethane that I hand polished to a glossy sheen.

2 inch wide at the nut, 3.1 inch wide at the 24th fret line.  .750 inch spacing at the bridge.  4 string spacing.

7 pounds!