Hazel 022215

This wonderful little bass is named Hazel.  She was started in 2015 and just now was completed.  The bass is easy playing, comfortable on a strap or lap, and has the simple and practical features that are intuitive for a player.  This medium scale bass is not a student model or some toy.  This bass is made for the stage and with her full range of tones, would fit well into many styles of music.  Her shorter scale makes her a breeze to play.

Hazel is of a 32 inch scale with 22 small gauge stainless steel frets for accuracy.  The fret board is Granadillo and the neck is Rock Maple.  The body is Sapelle topped with lightly figured Ambrosia Maple.  The peghead is also topped with the Ambrosia Maple.  The body has been weight relived to keep her at 9 pounds.

Her electronics are EMG 35 P and J pickups with a BTS 2 band EQ.  The hardware is Hipshot brand.