Grace 031716

I was contacted in 2015 about the possibility of sending an instrument in for review by a high end bass magazine.  I was told that my Model 7 would be cool to review.  We also decided that a basic Maple over ebony neck and Mahogany body is a tried and true combination.  I did decide to make this one deep set neck.  Have not done many Model 7’s with glue in necks so this was the only special change to my design.

The neck is roasted quartered Maple.  I used a Macassar Ebony fretboard with 24 frets in a 33 inch scale length.  The frets are of stainless steel and are of smaller gauge.  I installed a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber bars inside the neck to keep it straight.  I laminated the front and back of the peghead with Macassar on the front and Mahogany to match the body, on the back.

The body is one piece of Mahogany, and the top is quilted Western Maple.  The Model 7 shape is very comfortable for playing standing and sitting.  The lower horn holds the bass in the playing position while seated.  I used a new design for the cavity cover attachment.  I have used magnets before but this time I came up with a new design of that feature.  The magnet cover gives the player quick tool free access to the battery and the treble response adjustment on the preamp.

Speaking of preamp….the preamp is an EMG BQC three band EQ with a mid-sweep.  I have the controls set up as a master volume, Blend, Bass/Treble stack, and mid range stack.  The pickups are Aguilar DCB pickups.  They have a nice organic tone with plenty of output.  Very quiet operation but I did shield the cavity as well.

The hardware is my basic Hipshot a style bridge and Ultra Lite tuners.  Not pictured is the D tuner that the bass will be reviewed with.

The bass is finished in urethane (non-tinted).

This bass has been sold.