Gitfiddle 011018

This is what I call a “dug out” style semi-acoustic guitar the body is made much like a semi-hollow, however, the top and back are thin and resonate some.  The inside is braced to support the bridge but other than that, the inside is hollow.   The result is a guitar with acoustic properties, but no risk of feedback with high volume levels found on some stages or loud bars.

The neck is Quartered Tempered Maple with Richlite (sim Ebony) fret board.  25 inch scale with stainless steel frets.  Rocklite veneers on the peghead.  The body is completely made from Tempered Swamp Ash and is very light in weight (7 pounds with pickups).

Harmonic Design P90 pickups supplied by the customer.  3 way switch, 250K CTS pots.  ResoMax bridge by Graphtech, and Kluson tuners.

This was a collaborative design that I came up with as a special request from Matt Woods who is an up and coming Blues artist.  Find more information and videos at