Galene 122213

This bass is appropriately named Galene, the Greek goddess of calm seas, since her owner plays aboard cruise ships.  This style of bass is kind of a first for me as far as the design goes and I have not built many 6 string basses.

The neck is Wenge with a matching Wenge fret board.  There are 22 frets along the 34 inch scale fret board plus I added a zero fret.  I used stainless steel frets on this bass and matched the peg head veneers to the body woods.

The body is of Sapele with a very nice Burled Maple top.  I did add the thin Walnut accent stripe in between the top and back.  I finished this bass with my satin hand rubbed finish that is durable and will not show finger prints on stage.  There is a ramp placed in between the pickups as per specification of the customer.

The pickups are EMG 45P and 45J with alnico magnets and fed into a EMG BTC 2 band EQ preamp.  I wired this bass with a 18 volt circuit.

The hardware is Hipshot along with some Dunlope strap locks.  I have two points in the upper horn area for different strapping possibilities.

The nut is 2.12 inches wide and the bridge spacing is .669 inches.  The bass weighs 9 pounds.