Fretless Model 7

This is a very nice Drake Model 7  (#080512) 33 inch scale fretless bass started back in May of 2012.  She was put on the back burner for awhile while I worked on other projects but recently has been completed.

Her neck is of three pieces of hard Maple and Walnut with Walnut peghead veneers and a Bois De Rose fingerboard that has a beautiful maroon color to it.  I used Maple to make her 24 fret lines.  Her fingerboard is coated in a tough catalyzed finish to give her long life if flats or tapewound strings are used.   Inside she boasts a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber stab bars to keep her relief where you want it.

Her body is some very old Cherry wood in the wings and hard Maple and Walnut in the center block.   Her finish is a Tru-oil gunstock oil that looks nice and really gives the bass great protection from wear and tear and moisture.  I would not take lacquer out into the freezing cold but this finish is used on high end shotguns that get to see the elements and still look great so it is well suited for basses and guitars.

Her hardware is Hipshot brand bridge and tuners and allows for string through the body.  The bridge is aluminum that lets you stand out in the mix better and is light in weight.  Dunlop strap locks and strap hardware included.

Her tone is everything you could want in a fretless bass.  With the EMG 35P and 35J pickups and her two band EQ she is capable of generating a diverse pallet of tones.  You can get deep woody tones and her MWAAHH factor is high.

This bass is only 9 pounds and is well balanced sitting or on a strap.  Her neck is a medium slim shallow D profile and is 1.5 inches at the nut and a little under 2.5 at the 24th fretline.  Bridge spacing is a standard .750 spacing.

Sale pending.