Fretless Model 4

This little number is a project I built for myself.  I have been meaning to build myself a fretless bass for a long time but every time I built one, someone would want to buy it.  This time I used what I had laying around the shop so she is a no-frills type bass.

I will start with the Maple neck topped with a beautiful Macassar Ebony lined fingerboard.  I lined it with 20 Maple strips to mark the fret positions.  Next, the body which is made of soft Maple and is completely hollow inside.  The front and back pieces are .25 inches thick and there is no center block.  Just hollow space.  The pickups are EMG HB pickups which are basically a reversed P pickup.  The pickups are suspended in chrome rings made for guitar since there is no material for them to screw into.  I installed an extra EMG BTC 2 band preamp that I had in stock to round out the tone.  Very big and round tone.  just the right amount of stringiness with the tape wound strings.  The bridge is a Hipshot B style and the chrome tuners are Wilkinson brand that I thought I would try out.  The bass is very light weighing in at 7 pounds.