Freddie 062110

This 5 string bass was completed at the end of
July 2010. This 34 inch long scale bass has a quarter sawn Zebrawood neck with Zebra fret board and peg head veneers. A dual action truss rod and 2 carbon fiber stabilization rods run the length of her neck. She has 23 frets including the zero fret. This zero fret is to make open notes sound like fretted notes and to help with intonation and making a lower action possible. She has a nice growl to her because of the wood choice and her EMG 3.0 Jazz pickups. These active pick-ups are quiet with tons of punch. Each pick-up has its own internal preamp and the pair run on a 9 volt battery which is easily changed via the battery box on the Walnut cavity cover. I used a light Hipshot B style bridge and Hipshot Ultra-lite tuners to reduce her weight and make string changes a snap.