Stella 111689

This lovely 24 fret, 33 inch scale, 5 string bass is Stella and she was completed 06/06/11. Her serial number is a special request by the owner.

This bass has a European Curly Maple quartersawn neck with two Walnut stringers, a Gaboon Ebony fretboard, and Curly Maple binding. Her headstock is laminated with figured Walnut.
Her body is made of figured soft Maple as her core with Figured Walnut facings on the front and back. She is very light (as with all of my F-styles) and only weighs 7.8 pounds.
Her electronics are EMG Jazz pickups wired in the 9volt configuration.
Her hardware is all Hipshot brand featuring the A style bridge and Ultra-lite tunning keys. She also has the string-thru feature and Dunlop straploks.
She has a very focused B string which I find hard to get from most 5 strings. I seems that this 33 inch scale is a good match for 5 and 6 string basses. I was always told that the longer the scale the better the sound of low B strings but this is the third 5 string that I have made in this scale and I have to say the it beats the 34 inch scale any day for good B string tone. I would say it is even less muddy than the 35 inch scales I have had.