Diaz Custom 5

At the end of 2014 I was contacted by a bass player, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and composer, Daniel Diaz, who requested that I help him design and build a 5 string bass (tuned E-C) with a narrow string spacing.  Daniel has a style that utilizes a lot of chord style playing so he wanted a more comfortable and playable neck.

Daniel specified that he needed a Maple neck with a 32 inch scale, 24 frets, Ebony fret board with easy access to at least the 22nd fret, and a bolt on construction.   He chose my Betty Bass style body with traditional F holes, and he wanted a carved top.  This posed a challenge to balance and playability with aesthetics.   So, to balance the bass and to allow access to the upper frets, I extended the horns and brought in the bottom of the bass body.  The neck is designed to put the frets to the edge of the body but still allow a long heel to be bolted deep into the body.    

The body back is Sapele with a figured Myrtle wood  top.  I carved the top inside and out.  I finished the bass in a satin/matte lacquer to reduce finger smudges and be easier to maintain.  I kept the finish thin as to not choke out the tone.

Hipshot chrome nickel tuners and Schaller bridge which I modified to allow string through the body.  This allows the use of the same long scale strings he uses on his other basses.  He can also top load the bridge with medium scale strings.

EMG 35 J pickups with a BTC 2 band EQ with a 9 volt circuit.  The cover access to the electronics is held on by magnets.  You simply need to stick your finger through the sound hole to disengage the cover plate.  No tools needed to change a battery.

We have GWW making us a custom shaped hard case as this bass has a shape that is totally custom.

Check out some of Daniels work on his all bass album “Low, Volume 1” All sounds on this album were made by basses of various styles.


Sound clips of this particular bass are here.