DC Model 7 060612

This is a special bass for me.   I number my instruments with the date that the body and neck are joined.  It just so happens that she is numbered with the date that marks the second anniversary of the launch of Drake Custom.

She is a 33 inch scale bass that I completed in August of 2012.  Her neck is Maple and her 24 fret West African Ebony fret board has MOP for position inlays.  Her headstock is capped with Claro Walnut front and back and matches the top of her body.

Her body is Black Walnut topped with Claro Walnut separated by a thin Maple accent line that flaunts the contours of the body.  The shape of this bass is excellent for playing sitting down and is well balanced for performance while standing.

The heartbeat of this beauty is her EMG 35 P and 35 J pickups that are wired with Vol 1, Vol 2, and a two band EQ.  This is the best sounding electronics package I have found for my basses.  She is capable of tones ranging from warm and smooth to a punchy growl.  I was able to dial in great slap tones as well.

The hardware is Hipshot brand tuners and B style bridge.  The bridge does allow string through the body and is made from aluminum.

The bass is finished with a smooth satin urethane finish that is a new product for Drake Custom.  This finish is really tough stuff and looks to be ideal for the best abrasion and chemical resistance.

This bass is 9 pounds and is 1.5 inches wide at the nut and 2.5 inches at the 24th fret.  I would classify her neck profile as slim.  She has rolled edges.

This bass has been sold but I can build one just like her for you.  Contact me through the website for more details.