DC Model 7 052212

This bass is simple yet she has a certain appeal to the working player out there who needs a reliable easy playing gigging bass.  What she lacks in flash she more than makes up for in function and tone.

Let’s start with her Wenge neck with a 33 inch scale, 24 fret, Wenge fret board.  I have marked the positions with MOP dot inlays.  Her peg head is laminated with Sycamore wood that has a nice light golden color.

The body is also Sycamore wood and is light in weight and warm in tone.  The wood has a natural web-like grain figure to it and is protected by a smooth satin hand rubbed varnish. 

Her pickups are Bartolini passive pickups and they are wired Vol, vol, tone for easy of use.  The tone is a nice traditional Jazz bass tone that will set well with a great many styles of music.  The Bartolini pickups are previously installed and therefore the bass priced to reflect this.  They are in perfect working order and show very little wear.

For hardware I choose a satin chrome Hipshot B style bridge and tuners.  She also has Dunlop straplocks and her cavity is covered by a Wenge cover.

This bass weighs 9 pounds and is 1.5 inches wide at the nut and 2.5 inches at the 24th fret.  The thickness of the neck is medium but I would say thinner than a Jazz bass neck.  Rolled edges.