Dave’s Creation

This bass was made for a returning customer who wanted a backup bass for a Drake Custom that I made him last year.  The mission was to assemble and finish a bass using the parts that he had bought from Warmoth.  He likes Wenge for neck wood with Bubinga for the fretboard.  He also wanted to use a Maple topped Mahogany body like his Drake bass has.  I do not usually do parts basses but Dave is a great customer and I didn’t mind doing some custom work on his project.

The first thing we did was to reshape the headstock and route for a jazz pickup in a special place that Dave selected.  Dave’s technique requires that the bridge pup be out of the way and he likes it back near the bridge.  I also hate the metal neck mounting plate used for this type of bass so I modified it so that we could mount the neck with inset ferrules and screws.

Dave wanted to try a 2Tek bridge this time around and I was curious as well so we went with that and Hipshot Ultra-Lite tuners for the hardware.  I like the 2Tek although it is a little heavy.

Dave also had Curtis Novak wind the P and J pickups for this bass.  They sound amazing.  Mr. Novak is quite an artist.  I would recommend Novak pickups for any custom order Drake guitars and basses.

The finish on this bass is my catalyzed urethane with a bit of amber tint added to bring a warmer look to the bass.

Even with the 2Tek bridge, which is quite heavy, the bass weighs in at 9.5 pounds.  The body is chambered inside but I do not know how much.

This was a fun piece of work and I think Dave will be pleased with her.