Cricket Bass 0717

This is a custom carve top bass made for a returning customer (Koog) who has quite an extensive collection of Drake basses.  He wanted a Cricket bass after trying out the prototype, but he wanted one that was going to be special.  We chose to do a carved top version of the Cricket line, but without binding and a modified Drake peghead.  We discussed scales and both agreed that we like 33’s so she is a 22 fret 33 inch scale bass. 

We used my deluxe three piece tempered curly Maple/Purpleheart neck and used real Ebony for the fret board and peghead facings.  An option available on the Cricket line.  Stainless steel frets. 

The body is a down right sexy piece of tempered Swamp Ash topped with tempered curly Western Maple.  Between layers I sandwiched black dyed Poplar and Maple to form a purfling line of sorts.  I carved the inside of the top as well as the outside.  It makes this bass very resonate and lighter in weight.  I had some fun with a contouring around the edges.  Fortunately Koog lives within driving distance so he was able to visit the shop and approve of the carving and the neck carve.  

We elected to use TV Jones Black Blades for the pickups, and let me tell you…..they got some power.  Sounds as big as an active bass in heat.  Volume, volume, tone with a .047 cap.  I incorporated a push/pull kill switch on the neck volume pot so that once dialed in on stage, Koog can cut off the output without messing with his levels.  Shielded with copper around the inside of the control cavity and a magnet attachment in case we ever decide to add a preamp or piezo.

Hipshot brass A style bridge and tuners for this Cricket.  Adds some weight but is still under 7.6 pounds total weight.