Cricket Bass 0417

This is actually the prototype of my 34 inch scale Cricket semi-hollow bass model I have developed starting in 2017.  When I designed the Cricket model I wanted to be able to make it customize-able to a player’s specs, so I decided to make the first three, each in a different scale so I could see if this could be done.  It worked out great and this is the number one of the 34 inch scale Crickets. For this Cricket bass, I decided to use Mahogany for the body wood.  I topped it with some nicely figure Burl Madrone.  The neck is made of Tempered curly Maple with a stringer of Purpleheart.  I used an absolutely gorgeous piece of Macassar Ebony for the fret board.  21 small gauge stainless steel frets, all polished to 8000 grit.  The peghead veneers are of Rocklite simulated Ebony. TV Jones Thunder Blade pickup put out an amazing amount of power and tone easily adjusted via the pickup blend control.  The tone control has a .047 cap.  I can get traditional tones as well as some clear grinding tones with this bass.  Ebony knobs and she ships with tapewound strings. She actually weighs less than 7 pounds.   42.5 inches long. I am selling her for a special price as I have already changed up the design of this model, so she is a one of a kind.