Chika 082217


This very nice 4 string bass was made for a new customer from Chicago.  The customer sent his neck specs along with some pickups and various hardware.  He also chose a nice top wood and had it sent to me to use on this bass. 

The neck is a single piece quartered tempered Maple with an Ebony fretboard that was slotted for 22 frets plus a zero fret.  33 inch scale with narrow stainless steel frets.  Paua abalone dots and logo.

The body is two pieces of tempered Swamp Ash topped with Koa wood supplied by the customer.  I used some of the Koa as a peghead veneer too.

Pickups are Nordstrand 51 P pickups and a Nordstrand 3B4A preamp wired with an 18 volt set up.  The electronics are housed inside the cavity topped with Swamp Ash that is attached by magnets. 

Hipshot bridge and tuners, Dunlop strap buttons. Some nice aluminum knobs that I call Gucci knobs due to the price tag.

7 pounds!