Candice 010112

This is a custom bass for Mike M who drove for over 6 hours to meet with me and help design his new bass. He wanted me to use some old Cherry and Walnut wood planks that had been in his family for a couple of decades, which he brought with him. Mike decided on a semi hollow bass with a Cherrywood front and back with a Walnut core. He liked an old design of mine with some changes to the lower horn.
For his neck he wanted to use Wenge as he tried my personal bass out and liked the feel of the Wenge neck. He thought it would be cool to have a Cherry stringer in the neck so we used some of the Cherry for that. He had seen a Bois De Rose fret board on a bass I was making at the time and liked it enough that he chose Bois De Rose for his basses’ fret board. Mike asked to have Cherry binding on his fret board. He also decided on a 33 inch scale with 23 frets including the zero fret.
For electronics he chose Kent Armstrong humbuckers and Graphtech Piezo pickups in the Hipshot Triple Lock Down individual string bridges.

Mike likes to fish and bow hunt so we incorporated a Bass fish into the 12th fret inlay. The 12th fret inlay and logo are made out of Cherry wood. The truss rod cover is an arrowhead style but with this one I carved it to look like a true arrowhead.
Mike’s wife made some custom Walnut control knobs with Cherry inlaid markers and sent them to be used on the bass. She also designed the F-hole shapes and layout for this bass. This is a great example of what can be done when the customer joins in on the design of their instrument. We all had a blast making this bass and I think Mike will have a blast playing this bass with his band. Thanks Mike.