Birdseye 4 022212

This bass was built for Bill who is a returning customer from the state of Texas. This is a great example of where the customer and I co-design a project. This time around Bill wanted a 4 string version of the 5 string bass we built for him a couple of years ago. He liked the 5 string very much and wanted a light colored bass this time around to contrast the colors of the 5. I dug out the drawings and templates I made for his 5 and this is what we came up with.

The neck is a very nice highly figured Birdseye Maple with a 33 inch scale  25 fret (zero fret included) Birdseye fret board purchased from Michael at Zuni Guitars in Illinois. The peghead is made of high figured Birdseye with stripes of Purpleheart, Wenge, and Curly Maple. The logo inlays at the peghead and 12th fret are Abalone shell set into Purpleheart wood.
The body is a nice blend of Birdseye Maple, Wenge, Curly Maple, and Purpleheart stripes.
For pickups Bill went with EMG 35P and 35J with an active blend control and 2 band EQ. His hardware is custom two tone gold/black Hipshot brand A style bridge and Ultra-lite tuners. We also added a string through the body feature like his other basses.
I really love the tone and playability of this bass and look forward to the next time Bill calls with another project.