BH 6 062910

This beauty is a custom build made as a gift for a customer’s Dad. The order was for a light weight instrument that had a tremolo and had a traditional feel to it. The neck was to be made of a wood that did not need finish.
I made the body out of light weight Swamp Ash and carved it to look like a modern version of an old T-castor design. I made the neck out of Wenge which is a stable wood that does not need finishing. I did wipe some oil on it for color but that was it. The tremolo is a “Trem King” brand which was a first for me but I can say they make a good product. The Duncan pickups are some of the best noisless single coils I have ever heard. A very fun project and I have received many good compliments on the headstock design. I will have to use it again sometime.