BG5 052018

This is a really nice bass.  I am very proud of it as it is a fine example of the BG series basses that I created.  The BG design was created to submit to Bass Gear magazine for review.  Since then I wanted to incorporate some changes to the original design and was pleased when a customer engaged me to build him a BG style bass utilizing those changes along with some custom adornments.  Adornments such as abalone shell accents and Bloodwood binding.  I have not bound any of the Drake instruments with wood until this point.  I had some experience with wood binding from my time building acoustic guitars, but that was in another shop and I did not have the tools until just recently. 

The neck is what I consider a three piece neck, but there are a couple of very thin accent lines added for decoration.  I copied the profile from the clients favorite neck, on this bass.   Which is one of the things that a custom shop can do for you that production instruments lack.  We selected a nice Ebony fret board slotted for 34 inch scale.  I used my stainless steel fret wire.  I also laminated the front and back of the peghead to match the body woods.

Speaking of body woods, the back is a chevron grain pattern two piece tempered Swamp Ash topped with some very nice grained Claro Walnut.  I used some abalone shell material to accent the perimeter of the body along with some Bloodwood binding.  I used purfling under the Bloodwood and under the peghead veneer. 

Aguilar DCB pickups and Hipshot hardware.  Volume, Blend, Tone for controls.  I can get a nice and thick tone or a clear grand piano tone out of this bass.  The simple passive electronics are just perfect for this bass.  I used Ebony knobs inlaid with Illuminlay blue dots to match the side dots along the fret board. 

The bass weighs in a 8.4 pounds.  This bass was a custom order but I can build a BG5 model for you to your specs.