BG 5 string bass

This is a custom design that I have been working on for a few years.  This particular bass was built recently to submit to Bass Gear magazine for review.  I decided that this bass would be a 33 inch scale, made from tempered woods, and be all passive in the electronics.

The neck is quartered tempered Maple with a dual action truss rod and carbon fiber reinforcement.  Macassar Ebony fret board carrying 22 narrow gauge frets made from stainless steel, and glow in the dark side dot inlays.  The peghead is topped with tempered Western Maple and an Ash back.

The body is crafted from a single piece of tempered Swamp Ash topped with Western Maple that has also been through the tempering process.  The process cooks out the saps and sugars and forces any stress to come out much quicker than air drying.  The result is a tone-wood that is more resonate and stable and impervious to climate changes.

I used Nordstrand NJ5S pickup cores inside of wooden covers I made from left over body woods.  The bass is wired passive Volume 1, Volume 2, passive tone.  The design allows for a preamp or piezo to be added later on if the new owner chooses.  There is channeling for the piezo under the bridge.  The controls are accessed by a cover that is held on with magnets.  Simply press one side and tilt the cover off.

Hipshot hardware with an A style bridge that has a .708 inch spacing.

I finished the bass in polyurethane and polished it to a satin sheen.

The weight of the bass is right around 8 pounds.

This bass has been SOLD