Model 9 Custom

This Drake Model 9 is made for a returning customer Jim who wanted another Model 9 but with passive pickups in it.  He also wanted something lighter in weigh than his first Drake bass.  We talked about woods and which would give him the overall tone signature he was looking for.  We decided on a Swamp Ash body topped with some very sweet Tempered Western Figured Maple.  I added the black accent line between the layers like I usually do. 

The neck was to be Tempered quarter-sawn Maple with an Ebony fret board.  Two other considerations for this bass.  One was that he needed larger face dots on the fret board, and the other was that his hands need an unfinished neck for best performance.  We added the larger sim MOP dots and I finished the back of the neck with nothing but orange oil and beeswax.  The tempered woods are stable so no hard finish is needed.  I did finish the front of the peghead.  Jim also likes narrow spacing so we used a 16.5 mm spacing at the bridge and a 42mm width at the nut.

Aguilar DCB pickups and OBP-2 2 band EQ pre-amp.  The switch bypasses the pre-amp and the bass will play without a battery if need be.  Global tone control.  Hipshot hardware and Dunlop strap gear.  Ebony knobs.

Weight 7.8 pounds!