Tracy 080112

This is a wonderful, modified, DC Model 6 that was custom ordered by a new customer out East.  The order was for a easy playing 5 string with narrow spacing and capable of producing an upright tone as well as a nice old rock tone.  This is what Barry and I came up with.

The neck is a nice piece of  Hard Maple that has beautiful grain and figuring.  The 33 inch scale 24 fret Ebony fret board sports a added zero fret and glow in the dark Luminay side dot markers only.  The veneers on both front and back are of Walnut .

The body is Walnut with some mild figuring on both front and back over a Figured Soft Maple core.  The center cap consists of  Walnut over figured Maple to accent the detail.  You can see how well the figure pops under the Tru-oil finish that enrobes the entire bass.

The electronics package is comprised of EMG 40P and 40J pickups and a Ghost Piezo System and preamp with a bright/dark push/pull volume control.  This bass is wired with a 9 volt configuration and has a quick change battery box mounted into the cavity cover.

The hardware is a nice custom Hipshot two tone gold/black combo available as a special order.  The A style bridge has .669 spacing and has been milled with thin walls to reduce weight as the bridge is made of brass.  The bass is also has the string through the body feature.

Specs: 1 7/8 inch at the zero fret, 2 3/4 inch at the 24th fret, and weighs in at under 10 pounds.