Bajo Quinto 050512

This is a Bajo Quinto made for a local customer here in Iowa.  It is used primarily in “Norteño” music of northern Mexico and across the border in the music of south Texas known as “Tejano music” or “Conjunto”.  The instrument is strung with 5 string courses that are tuned A D G C F.

The customer wanted to have a bajo that looks like an acoustic instrument but with electronics so that he could play it through an amplifier.   We made a semi hollow version that consists of layer of Mahogany wood that was reclaimed from a historical building in Des Moines.  I then hollowed out the Mahogany core and topped it with a beautiful Quilted Maple top.  The back was made from the same Mahogany as the core.  I then cut a faux sound hole and inlaid a rosette made with abalone shell and mother of pearl.  I then added some faux abalone shell binding that the customer picked out for this project. 

The neck is made from Jatoba, Wenge, and Hard Maple.  For strength we added two carbon fiber rods and a dual action truss rod.  The peghead is topped with Quilted Maple and Mahogany.  The 25.5 inch scale Cocobolo fret board has 19 gold tone frets and abalone shell diamond inlays.

The electronics we used is a EMG single coil pickup wired with a 9 volt circuit and with volume and tone controls.  We used Hipshot guitar tuners and I made a custom bridge out of Cocobolo wood.

A fun but exhausting project.  I plan to use this sort of design for some basses and guitars in the future.