Autumn 051618

This wonderful fretless bass is a custom build that was co-designed by new customer Jon B.  Jon has had an idea of a bass like this for a long time.  He contacted me earlier this year to see if I would be willing to build his dream bass.  As you can see Jon has an affinity for Maple wood, trees, and leaves.  It is his favorite species of tree so he wanted Spalted Maple incorporated in the build as much as possible.  

The neck is a one piece quartered and tempered (torrified) Maple with two truss rods and some carbon fiber installed in two specific areas to make the neck very stable.  The carve of the neck is asymmetrical for comfort. The finger board is of Ebony that sports Maple fret lines and has an amazing maple branch inlay down the length.  The branch is Spalted Maple and the leaves, gold and bronze MOP shell.  I used Spalted Maple for the peghead veneers.

The body is of tempered Basswood and has very nice color and weight.  The front and back of the body is of Spalted Maple.  Black veneer lines separate the layers.

The Aguilar 6J HC single coil (hum canceling) Jazz pickups are inside covers made of the same Basswood and Maple as the rest of the body.  We used a Aguilar OBP-3 preamp in this bass.  There is a volume control with push/pull bypass, blend, Bass/Treble stack, and a mid control with push/pull mid select.  The knobs are of Ebony capped with Spalted Maple.

Hipshot gold/black hardware and Dunlop straploks.  One of the extreme sports features is the three D tuner machines on the B-A strings.  This is to allow for custom tuning on the fly, Manring style.

The tone is what I consider the perfect fretless tone.  A nice mwaaah to every note on the fingerboard.  The B is nice and tight with no floppiness.  The pickups have a nice amount of punch and clarity.  The EQ section is very functional and can really dial in a nice organic round tone or a tight sounding Jaco tone.   i can’t wait to hear what Jon creates with this bass.  Truly been a joy to build.