Annica 081405

This amazing bass was originally one of the first batch of three basses I built when I opened up my shop in Des Moines, Iowa.  I was only a part time builder at that time and sold instruments only as a side business.  I did not have a logo then as this was before drake Custom.  This bass was sold to a great player out in Philly who has purchased several instruments from me since.  After all of these years, the owner decided to send the bass to me for a fretless conversion (the bass was originally a fretted bass) and a re-finish after installing a logo inlay.  I also decided to remove some of the excess wood in the control cavity, reset the neck angle, laminated the back of the headstock to match the front, upgraded the wiring, and recut the nut.  The owner opted to upgrade the hardware from no-name generic stuff that was heavy, to light weight Hipshot brand gear.  Then we added a EMG preamp to the bass before replacing all of the guts with new solder less connections.

The neck is Hard Rock Maple with an Ebony finger board.  The body is made of Leopardwood with some Walnut stringers.  I capped the peg head with the same wood as the body.  EMG P and J pups with a BTC 2 band EQ.  This bass is now finished in a satin lacquer and weighs 8.8 pounds now.