Angeline 041515

This beauty was crafted for a local player (Dave D) who is very active in his church ensemble, where the power of a 5 string bass really shines.  He has purchased a few instruments from me in the past so he knew what he wanted for this bass.  His request was that the bass to be finished in a high gloss black finish like a guitar that I made for him.  He also really liked the variegated look of Macassar Ebony and wanted that to be the fret boar wood.

So with his ideas in mind, I set out to create this bass.  The bass is my newer #9 design that incorporates the best features of my previous designs.  Let’s start with the neck.

The fast C shaped neck is Wenge, chosen for the stability and the raw unfinished feeling it has.  Wenge adds some compression to the tone and is warm sounding.  The fret board is the Macassar Ebony mentioned earlier.  Dave liked my 33 inch scale basses so we went with that scale for this bass too.  22 Frets of EVO gold wire plus a zero fret.  The peghead sports my script logo in MOP shell, as well are the diamond inlays.  Glow in the dark side dots in blue.

The body is solid Mahogany for the rich piano like tones you get from that wood.  I finished the body in black lacquer to create the high gloss finish that Dave requested.  It is not easy to do but does look nice.  I kept the finish, thin in the end, as to not choke out the tone of the wood.  The contours of the body are comfortable and really help keep the bass positioned right when seated or on a strap.

The electronics package is the EMG 40P and 40J pickups with a EMG 3 band EQ section that has a sweepable mid range adjustment.  This system allows for a very diverse tone pallet.

Hipshot custom hardware and Dunlop strap locks complete the equipment.

The bass weighs in at 8.3 pounds.  2.73 inches at the nut and .669 inch spacing string to string at the bridge.