Angel 081210

This bass was started in July 2010 and was recently completed. She was one of two basses I was building to submit to a luthier’s competition at the Iowa State Fair. I decided to go with my other choice so this bass is for sale as of now. Her neck specs are: 32.5 inch medium scale with 24 frets set into a Wenge fret board with MOP dot inlays. The neck wood is one piece of Wenge to give her a nice wild look and raw feel. Wenge is a very hard and stable wood that does not need finish to keep it from warping. I do have a light finish on her to keep her color dark. Inside the neck is a dual action truss rod and 2 carbon fiber stab bars to keep the neck where you set it. Her peghead veneer is a match on front and back and is inlayed with the Drake Custom logo. The inlay is Pearl set into Bloodwood and is the very first Drake logo to go onto a bass.
Her body is made of 26 pieces of Wenge, Walnut, Maple, and Mahogany. This body shape is a new one for me and is fully carved and contoured. The cavity cover is made of the same woods and is somewhat hidden from view by the matching stripes. The body is finished with a light satin varnish.
She is equiped with EMG 3.0 Jazz pick-ups that have a punchy full tone. Each has a preamp imbedded into the pick-up itself and they run on a 9 volt battery which is stored inside the cavity. The hardware is all Hipshot brand with a brass model B style bridge and Ultra-lite tuners. Dunlope strap locks and a graphtech nut round out her furnishings.
This bass is a funk machine!