D’AHlf BASS 082116

This interesting bass is a custom design for a new customer who wanted a bass like his Steinberger styled bass, but with a longer scale and tuned down to BEAD tuning.  He wanted a small bass that would have a low B string as he seldom uses the G string on his current bass.  This is what we came up with.  We did incorporate some design changes from the original.  We had wanted to use double ball end strings but none in 35 inch scale are available on the market, so we decided to use the Hipshot Headless Bass system.

For the neck I used a 7 piece neck with a center stringer of Purpleheart, then Maple stringers, followed by Wenge, and roasted Maple on the outside portions.  I used a nice Macassar Ebony fretboard that has 22 frets plus a zero fret.  The frets are stainless steel 6150 sized frets.

The body is a bit thicker than the original and is made of solid Mahogany topped with a very nice piece of Claro Walnut.

Aguilar DCB pickups wired with a passive circuit.  We used a 500k pot for the bridge volume control.  The customer wanted chickenhead knobs on the bass, which I think is a fun addition.

A very cool little bass that has a tremendous B string.