Agatha 022216


This simple but very cool bass was built for a good friend named Robbie.  Robbie wanted me to build a bass using this nice Spalted Maple top that he had purchased a long while back.  When I first got it home, I did not think there was much in the figure as it was very hard to see.  I wiped some naphtha on it to see what the wood would look like under finish.  It just made everything look dark, so later in the build when I stabilized the wood with marine epoxy, I was blown away by the color and figure that came out.

We had to keep this bass under a tight budget so we used leftover wood from other projects and slightly used components.  The neck is made of QS hard Maple and is just one piece.  The fret board was given to me by a friend and is Pau Ferro.  I put a dual action truss rod inside to keep things straight.

I used three pieces of my secret stash of Mahogany for the body back.  That Mahogany is rather heavy so I chambered out most of the inside of the bass before gluing the top on.  After carving the body edges and treating the wood with epoxy pore filler, I shot the body with lacquer for the high gloss finish.  The neck is finished in oil varnish.

Robbie supplied the pickup and fret wire and we used a Hipshot traditional style bridge that was off my P bass, so it was slightly used.  I bought new Hipshot tuners and a string retainer as the only new hardware on the bass.

Even though this bass was made within a limited budget, I am very proud of how she turned out.  I think Robbie is very happy too.