5 string 092513

This 5 string is a one off 5 string that I made with some nice woods I had laying about.  This bass has been my experimental bass over the years and therefore gone through some changes here and there.  I have refinished her a few times to try new finishes, and I have tried various electronics configurations.  The basic specs are pretty much the same.

Lets start with the neck.  The neck is crafted from 3 pieces of Jatoba wood with Wenge stringers.  Jatoba is very hard wood  that has the look and color of Mahogany.    The 24 fret (plus zero fret), 33 inch scale, fret board is made from high grade Indian Rosewood with side dots only.  The peghead is capped with Black Limba cut from the body top on the front, and Mahogany for the back side.  Inside, the neck has a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber stabilization rods to keep the neck where it needs to be.  the bass was constructed in 2013 so the neck has seasoned well and is very stable.

The body is a chambered Mahogany back topped with a Black Limba top.  I cut several pieces of the Black Limba and laminated them together to make a decorative top.  Between the top and back I have laminated a pinstripe of dark wood to add some contrast to the woods.

The electronics package consists of EMG 40P and 40J soapbars with a BTS (bass/treble boost cut) EQ in a 9 volt configuration.  Battery life is quite long if the player unplugs at the bass when not in use.

Hipshot B style, string through the body, bridge and Ultra-lite tuners, with Dunlop straplocks complete the hardware selection.

The body is now finished in urethane based oil as well is the neck and peghead.

1 7/8 inch wide at the nut and 2 3/4 inch at the highest fret. .699 spacing at the bridge.  Medium neck profile with a C shape starting at the nut and gradually evolving to a D shape at the body.  Excellent fret work and rolled edges of the fret board for comfort. 8.7 lbs.