2009 Custom 32

This gem of a bass was built back in 2008 and finish in early 2009.  She was built in my Des Moines shop and predated Drake Custom.   Some  background on this bass.  This bass was originally a custom build for a customer who wanted a 32 inch scale P style bass.  He had sent me some tuners and a single coil Duncan pickup to use on the build.  The customer thought the bass too heavy (9 pounds) so the deal did not go through.  I stripped the old pickup out and returned it to the customer as I did not like it.  I then replaced it with a EMG DC35 pup.  The bass had a decent sound but I still thought that it was too heavy so I planed off the top of the Mahogany body and replaced it with a Maple top wood after some chambering.  I then routed for PJ pups that would give the bass some tonal flexibility.  The bass was then sold.  The second and third pictures are of the same bass.

Recently, her new owner asked me to inlay the headstock with a logo since the bass was made before June of 2010 when I started Drake Custom.  I did the inlay work (well Rosie did it) and while we worked on the bass I started to see some things that I thought I could do better on.  In 2009 I did not have the skills that I have now and I wanted to make this bass even more cool than it was.  I removed the heavy tuners that made the neck heavy and replaced with Hipshot Ultralites.  I then laminated the back of the headstock with Maple to hide the old screw holes.  I reshaped the headstock and straightened the bridge as it was a little offset.  I then dressed the frets and did a complete setup.  I think her owner will be pleased with his new bass.