Tom’s Hornet model bass

This bass is being built for a new customer named Tom.  Tom called to ask if I could build him a two horn version of the Cricket bass I build.  As luck would have it, I have such a model.  We went with 32 inch scale with 24 frets, cut into a nice dark piece of Ebony.  The neck is quartered tempered Maple with amazing curly figure.  I used Purpleheart as a stringer down the center.  We plan for Ebony peghead facings front and back.  The body is a chambered Swamp Ash wood with a beautiful figured Western Maple that has been tempered as well.  TV Jones is making special Thunderblade pups for this bass, as they will have gold plated curved magnet blades.  All hardware will be Hipshot brand with a combo black/gold accented finish.  Simple wiring and tons of tone.  One of my all time favorite models to build.