Bill’s J 5 style bass

This bass will be for a great player named Bill S.  Bill needs a versatile 5 string bass that covers Blues and Funk music as well as Classic Rock.  We are going to make this bass modular meaning the neck pickup will be swap-able from  J5 to a P5 with just switching out the pickguards and plugging the leads into a buss box onboard.  Bill will be able to fulfill any gig with this bass.  Specs, Tempered QS Maple neck for stability.  Madagascar Rosewood fret board. 21 frets of narrow stainless steel wire, Aguilar Pups, Hipshot B style bridge, Hipshot Ultra-lite tuners (3/8 shafts), Tempered Alder body painted Surf Green.  Mint pickguard or off white.