Robert S. 5 string E-C bass

This bass is for a new customer who liked the M5 basses I used to build.  The bass is stock except that we are using my deep inset neck method rather than the conventional neck/heel joint.  This allows access to the higher frets without touching the body.  Tempered Maple neck, Ebony fret board, 33 inch scale, Swamp Ash body topped with Claro Walnut.  We will be adding a ramp between the pickups and a Coda custom inlay at the 12th and on the ramp.  We are using 4 string blade style pickups as the spacing is going to be narrow on this bass.  black hardware.

Fred’s fretless bass

This bass is going to be a fretless copy of the bass pictured in this gallery.  The finish will be different but the dimensions and shape will be the same.  I have the original bass in the shop to copy the shapes and take measurements.  I built the first bass for myself years ago and did not make any templates, so the only way to make the two instruments the same is to literally trace the original.  I have all the materials in hand now and work progresses.  Tempered Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard, Swamp Ash body that will have a ceruse style finish.  Chrome hardware and Aguilar pickups.