Jim’s 5 string bass

This bass is being built for returning customer Jim M.  Jim had purchased a narrow spaced custom Model 9 back in 2014.  He wants me to build another model 9 with a few changes from his last bass.  We are going with a narrow spacing again, but we are using Hipshot hardware and some passive electronics.  For woods Jim chose Swamp Ash for the body topped with Tempered Western figured Maple.  We switched to Ebony fret board once the top wood was selected.  Originally we were going with Rosewood for a fret board (as you see in the first picture).  Jim likes natural finished woods for his neck as he dislikes sticky necks.  We are going to leave the Tempered Maple neck raw on the back side.  Tempered woods do not need finish to protect them from climate issues.  We are just going to oil/wax with beeswax and orange oil.  

Jim wants passive electronics this time so we opted for Aguilar DCB pickups.  The string spacing is narrow enough to use 4 string versions of the pickups.  Also, this bass has to be built with in two months, so I had better get busy.