Mr. B’s Bass

This is a 32 inch scale Cricket bass being made for a new customer named Michael B.  We are doing a pretty straight forward bass with one adaption from the standard Cricket model.  We are using a Hipshot A style bridge rather than the string thru only D style.

The woods used are 4A grade tempered Maple and Purpleheart for the three piece neck.  Ebony fret board.  Tempered Swamp Ash for the body, topped with some very nice tempered curly Maple.  TV Jones pickups with black magnets.  All black hardware for this bass.

Jeff’s Cricket bass 32 inch scale


This is another Cricket bass being made for Jeff L.  Jeff is getting a fairly standard version of the Cricket with just the addition of a 3 piece figured neck with a custom carve for his hands.  We are going with the Tempered Swamp ash for the body and Jeff has selected a beautiful quilted Maple top.  Standard binding, pickups, and Hipshot hardware in chrome.

05-31-17 I have managed to lose some pictures of this build so there is a gap in the progress shots.  This bass is still under way and about two weeks from final assembly.

34 inch scale Cricket bass

This is a another production bass that I have designed recently.  Rather than the typical short scale that these semi-hollow basses have, this one with be a full long scale of 34 inches.  This will be a 20 fret bass with a Mahogany body, Birdseye Maple top, Tempered 3 piece Maple neck, and TV Jones Thunder Blade pickups.  I plan to use stainless steel vintage style (narrow) fret wire and a Ebano fret board.

M Luca

This is one of the first Cricket basses on order now.  This bass will be much like the prototype in shape and design, but as a custom upgrade, will have a special shaped sound hole, lined fretless 32 inch scale finger board, and shiny gold hardware.  The body will be made of Swamp Ash, and the top with be some of that awesome Curly Tempered Maple.  Black binding.  TV Jones Thunder Blades pickups and a piezo loaded bridge.


This is one of the first production Cricket basses I am making now.  This one will be special as it will have a carved top and a unlined fretless neck.  3 piece Tempered Curly Maple neck with a nice Ebony finger board. 32 inch scale.  The 12th position with be inlaid with a special inlay.  Tempered Swamp Ash body topped with a carve Tempered Curly Maple top.  TV Jones Thunder Blade pickups.  Shiny chrome hardware.

Bill’s M5 bass

This is a 5 string 35 inch scale bass being built for returning customer Bill.  Bill asked for me to recreate a previous build, but with the 35 inch scale and a custom neck carve.    This bass will have a one piece Swamp Ash body topped with Tempered Curly Maple top.  The neck is of three pieces Tempered QS Maple with a Macassar Ebony fret board.  EMG 5P and 5J pickups/EMG BQS preamp.

Semi-hollow 32 inch scale bass

This bass is a new design for me so for the first one, I am not making her too flashy.  I have been tinkering around with semi-hollow designs looking for the right balance of tone, weight, and playablity.  I think I have gotten it right with this prototype.  I used tempered Swamp Ash for the body and QS tempered Maple for the neck.  I am testing Ebano (simulated Ebony) for the fretboard, peghead veneers, and some of the details.  I plan to use Hipshot’s D style two piece bridge system (made of aluminum) and ultra light tuners for hardware.  TV Jones Thunder Blades for pickups, wired with a volume, blend, and tone control.  Passive system.  Other details are black edge binding, vintage gauge fret wire (stainless), and a shielded control cavity.