Matt’s 6 string bass

This bass is being made for a new customer named Matt.  Matt liked my Model 7 design and was wondering if I could do one in a 6 string format.  He also wanted a semi-hollow version.  I have actually done one like this before, so I have an idea of how I want to do it.  We discussed many different options but came down to a practical and efficient design that will have great tone, play-ability, and function, rather than flashy options.   I am very pleased to work on another Model 7 semi-hollow.  One of my favorite designs.

Bajo Quinto

This bajo quinto is the second bajo built for a returning custom.  We decided to make it much like my Matt Woods model guitar but with some structural changes and some peghead changes.  I am using tempered Swamp Ash for the whole body construction and tempered Maple for the neck.  I selected a beautiful piece of Macassar Ebony for the fret board.  There was enough of it left to slice open for the peghead veneer.  We are going to use a traditional bridge and use loop style bajo strings.  The main embellishment is going to be the rope binding front and back of the body.