Jeff’s Custom BG Bass

Jeff is a new customer that has requested me to build him his own customized BG5 style bass.  He has selected a nice chevron grain patterned blank of tempered Swamp Ash for the body, and a nice grained Claro Walnut top.  The edges of the top will be adorned with Bloodwood, purfling, and abalone shell. 

The neck will be of a 3 piece tempered Maple and Wenge combo with an Ebony fretboard.  34 inch scale.


Jon’s Custom Bass

This is a super custom bass being made for a new customer named Jon.  Jon wanted a fretless 6 string bass that is fretless and adorned with Maple leaves as he has an appreciation of that particular tree.

We are using tempered Maple for the neck, Ebony for the fingerboard, and Rosie has made up an inlay scheme.

The body is going to be of tempered Basswood topped with Spalted Maple.  Gold/black Hipshot hardware and custom Wood covers over the Aguilar Jazz pups.

Hornet bass 0917

This is a newer version of my Cricket basses.  I call this model the Hornet.  I made this bass a 33 inch scale and am adding in a nicer forearm contour.  This particular bass unloaded weighs 5.9 pounds, so she will be light in weight.  For balance there will be a brass bridge.  The neck is tempered Maple with a Richlite simulated Ebony fret board.  The body is tempered QS Swamp Ash topped with figured Myrtle.  Hipshot hardware on the way for this bass.  I plan the usual TV Jones Black Blades for pickups.  This bass is available for purchase.  A deposit will reserve her for you and you may have some options to choose from.

Model 9 Spalted Maple bass

This is going to be a nice Model 9 bass for someone.  She is a 33 inch scale 4 string.  Three piece Tempered Maple/ Purpleheart neck, Ebony fret board, 22 stainless steel frets, Mahogany body, Spalted Maple top and veneer.  Contact me for pricing and options.

Model 7 Birdseye Bass

This is an ongoing bass build that will be for sale once completed.  33 inch scale, 22 frets (SS) plus zero fret, Tempered Maple neck, Macassar Ebony fret board, Mahogany Body topped with Birdseye Maple.  Contact me for pricing and they are still some options available.


Bajo Quinto Mod

This is an older Bajo Quinto that I made for a customer.  The first I ever built.  I built it in a semi-hollow style with the intention of it being light in weight enough.  I never felt it was an ideal weight and have thought about that for years now.  I sent messages to the owner offering to try to cut some weight on this bajo.   The owner was in Mexico, but now that he is back, I have the bajo in my shop to see if I can make it lighter in weight.  I just felt that I needed to do this.

I sawed off the back and hogged out more of the wood.  I have been building semi-hollow instruments as one of my main offerings since the bajo was built, and I learned quite a bit about how much wood is needed to keep it strong, but light.  I know I can have thinner sides and there does not have to be so much mass down the center to carry the tension.  Granted, a bajo has about two guitars worth of tension on it, but the Mahogany of the core can carry the load just fine.  The inside of this bajo was not pretty as I was not worried about that aspect back then.  No one would see it, but now I have a much better way of doing this for future bajo’s.  I removed about 2 pounds of wood out of this one and glued the back plate back on.  Now to sand the old finish off and refinish with my finish.  The customer clear coated the bajo with Auto Clear a few years back.  The grain and color have faded badly with age, so I will fix that too.   She will look like new and be easier on the owners back.  Since there is a lot of wear on the finger board, I will replenish that too.