6 String Guitar

Gitfiddle 011018

This is what I call a “dug out” style semi-acoustic guitar the body is made much like a semi-hollow, however, the top and back are thin and resonate some.  The inside is braced to support the bridge but other than that, the inside is hollow.   The result is a guitar with acoustic properties, but no risk of feedback with high volume levels found on some stages or loud bars.

The neck is Quartered Tempered Maple with Richlite (sim Ebony) fret board.  25 inch scale with stainless steel frets.  Rocklite veneers on the peghead.  The body is completely made from Tempered Swamp Ash and is very light in weight (7 pounds with pickups).

Harmonic Design P90 pickups supplied by the customer.  3 way switch, 250K CTS pots.  ResoMax bridge by Graphtech, and Kluson tuners.

This was a collaborative design that I came up with as a special request from Matt Woods who is an up and coming Blues artist.  Find more information and videos at

Drucilla 080115


This guitar is a design that I have always wanted to try.  I did make some changes to the original classic design as to be more modern and comfortable to play.

The neck is three pieces of Rock Maple/ Wenge/ Rock Maple.  All pieces in the neck are quater sawn to give the neck superior strength.  A dual action truss rod rests under the 22 stainless steel fretted Ebony fret board that shows MOP trapezoid inlays.  The peg head is laminated for strength too.  With the scarf joint you never have to worry about a peg head break.  I would describe the neck to be a shallow C shape profile, with nicely rolled edges for comfort and speed.  The frets are stainless steel and similar in size to Dunlop 6150 wire.  I finished the back of the neck in a oil/urethane for a faster feel.


The body is Poplar wood with a Maple top.  I have carved the top to be similar to the classic design but there are some changes to the contours around the back side.  I blended the neck and body together for better access to upper frets, and I included a tummy cut.  I bound the body with Ivoroid binding which has an aged look to it.  The body sports a antique style burst that is glossy on the front (and face of the peg head) but remains satin on the backs and sides for high wear protection.

I used EMG 57 and 66 pickups with a 9 volt active circuit.  The control layout is typical for this style of guitar.  The woods used in her construction give her a diverse tone pallet.  I have had a few players test her as I am not very skilled as a soloist.  They were able to make her sing with the sweetest of tones.

I used chrome Hipshot classic tuners and a Resomax wrap around style bridge along with chrome metal rings.

This guitar weighs 8.5 pounds.  Fret board radius is 12 inches.  The scale is 24.75 inches.


This guitar has SOLD!


Maddy 111114

This little gem is Madeline and she was an idea that I had to modify a classic design to have a modern look.   For this design I changed the shape, decided not to do the pick guard or trem, laminated the peghead, and went for as light of weight as I could make her.

Her neck is quarter sawn Maple with a quarter sawn Maple fret board that has 22 frets made of stainless steel.  I laminated her peghead with wood to match the body top.  MOP logo inlaid into Ebony.  Her body is Butternut topped with some very nice Black Walnut.  All of the woods were grown local to me.  She is finished in my super durable matte/satin finish with only the fret board being gloss.  She will take wear and tear rather well and not show finger smudges.

In the pictures she is shown with Fender Custom Shop 54 pickups but we have since installed EMG SA single coil pickups with a SPC module to fatten her tone up even more.  These pickups are self grounded and noiseless.

Sperzel locking tuners and a Hipshot bridge for her hardware.  Dunlop straplock ready.

This guitar weighs only 6.6 lbs.  Nice classic tone that features sweet leads and a sultry rhythm.


Jennifer Lynn

This guitar (SN#122713)  was designed and built for a local pro player in the Des Moines area.  The customer specified that the guitar was to be a 25.5 inch scale 6 string guitar with 22 frets.  The neck is made of some very nice Eastern  high figured Hard Maple with a West African Ebony fret board that sports Paua abalone shell trapezoid inlays and gold tone fret wire.  The peg head is laminated with West African Ebony front and back.

The body is Sapele with a gorgeous top of Burled Maple.  A Walnut accent stripe is sandwiched in between the top and back.

The electronics are Seymour Duncan ’59’ and JB humbuckers wired with a three way switch.  The pots are Borne/ Duncan designed and the pickups have gold tone covers.

The hardware is Hipshot Custom order black and gold mix.

Daisy 061713

This cool little guitar was in the making for a couple of years.

The neck is quarter sawn Wenge with a 24 fret 25 inch scale Wenge fret board.  The oval inlays were designed and hand cut by Rosie.  The peghead is laminated with some nice Burl Maple to match the body woods.  A dual action truss rod and carbon fiber stabilization bars.

The body is a Purple Heart back with a slice of Walnut as a core.  The top is mirror matched Burled Maple.  There is some slight chambering and the overall thickness is around 1.5 inches.  Belly cut and some forearm contouring.  The whole instrument is finished in a hand applied glossy urethane which has been treated to withstand chemicals and abrasions.

The electronics consist of a Seymour Duncan Jazz pickup in the neck position and a JB model in the bridge position.  A three way switch to select the pickup configuration and Duncan/Borne designed pots.  The bridge is a ABM high mass roller style bridge that is top loaded and very user friendly.

1 5/8 inches wide at the nut and 2 1/4 inches wide at the 24th fret.  The roller bridge saddles allows for some spacing adjustment.  With the dense woods and heavy brass bridge this guitar weighs in at 8.4 pounds but balances well and plays easy.  The neck profile is a medium C/D shape.  It kind of goes from a C shape in the lower positions and morphs to a D shape in the upper regions.  Very comfortable to play as stated by the players who have tested this guitar.


Cassandra 050513

This is an amazing guitar built for returning customer Bill M.  This is a 24.75 inch scale 22 fret model based on a classic design that Bill had liked for a long time.  I really wanted to bring his ideas to life on this one.

The neck is Wenge with two carbon fiber stab bars and a dual action truss rod.  The Ebony fret board boasts MOP block inlays and EVO fret gold wire.  The peghead veneers are Ebony with a Drake script style logo inlaid into the face.  In lieu of binding, we added thin slices of Maple between the layers of veneer so that there is some nice highlights around the headstock and along the under side of the fret board.

The body consists of a figured soft Maple core that is heavily chambered out to reduce weight and let the tone breathe.  The back is of some highly figured Maple and the top is a very nice burled Redwood.  To continue the highlights from the neck, there are accent lines in between the top, core, and back of the body.  The Wenge cavity cover is held in place by magnets to allow easy access to change the batteries.

The hardware is custom Hipshot brand tuners with an ABM brass hard tail bridge.  Black metal pickup rings, Dunlop strap locks, and amber colored speed knobs round out the equipment.

Her heartbeat is the EMG Metal Gear pickups cased in gold tone covers.  She has a very classic tone with no noise.  I am very happy with her sound and feel that she can cover any style of music.


This guitar was a first for me.  Some of you may have seen my Betty style basses but I have not attempted a guitar of this style before now.  It was worth the hard work and frustration to get her just right.  I think Bill will be happy with the results.


Miromonti Guitar

This is an amazing guitar.  She is the first of this style for me.  Co-designed by the customer (Bob) and myself, I feel that we have came up with a very cool guitar that has it all by the way of tone, playability, and aesthetics.

We started with a 5A grade figured Hard Maple from out East.  Bob wanted a 25.5 inch scale and 24 frets on a Macassar Ebony fret board with no face dots.  We added some glow in the dark side dots to assist him on dark stages.  We laminated the peghead with Some of the Redwood from the top with pinstripes of Walnut in between the layers.

The body is made of an Alder core that is chambered out and faced with Figured Redwood front and back.  The way the light hits this top make a nice holographic effect.  I followed up with the pinstripes in between the layers to tie the body and neck together.  Bob wanted the front mounted cavity control cover to be similar to other guitars that he has and I liked it as it takes me back to my first instruments.  It is made of Macassar Ebony.  All of the Macassar was left over from when my shop was in Des Moines.  I used it to make the truss cover and pickup rings as well.

The guts of this guitar are Seymour Duncan “59” pickups in both positions.  The mini  switches are a series/parallel and a coil drop switch.  Volume and tone with a 3 way switch.  

The hardware is an brass ABM hard tail bridge and Hipshot Classic tuners.  The finish is a glossy Tru-oil gunstock finish however I have buffed the neck back to a satin sheen.  She is 1.75 inches at the nut and  2.25 at the 24 fret.  She weighs 7 pounds and balances very well. 

Bella 082412

This sexy guitar was built in 2012 and sold to a local player.  The guitar was originally a wine red color but her owner had me update her in 2014 with a gloss black finish and some hardware upgrades.

Her neck is made of Wenge with an Ebony fret board that boasts 24 frets and is of a 25 inch scale.  The side dot inlays are glow in the dark blue after being exposed for a few seconds to a light source.  Her body is made from Poplar and is finished in a black lacquer.  The pickups are Seymour Duncan brand “59” in the neck and a JB in the bridge position.  The bridge is a Schaller roller style bridge which is top loaded and adjustable side to side for spacing.  The tuners are Hipshot classics with a 20:1 ratio.  I encased the pickups in glossy black covers and added some nice metal pickups rings to replace the original wooden rings.

This guitar weighs in at 7 pounds and had a nice balance to her.  The neck is 1 5/8 inch at the nut and 2 5/16 inch at the 24th fret.  Medium thickness profile for any size hands.

This guitar has had little play time and is for sale at this time, by the owner.  $1500 for the guitar that ships complete with a Mono Vertigo case.  Contact me for more details and information.  I will offer a warranty with the guitar.

Suzie Q 102911

This guitar is Suzie Q and she was built for a new customer named Tom who lives here in Iowa. Tom’s wife decided that she wanted to give him a custom built guitar for a birthday surprise. Well Tom was surprised and soon after he found out about his gift he called me to discuss the details. I spoke with Tom several times at length about what he would want in a guitar. After talking about it we decided to go with a traditional shape but with a longer scale length of 25.5 inches to match his favorite telecastor and with 22 frets. He wanted binding around the fret board as he has never had a guitar with that feature before. We went back and forth over inlays but decided on the MOP traps that Rosie inlaid into the Gaboon Ebony fret board you see here. He liked the idea of a stringer running down the center of the neck like the good old skunk stripe, so we used some Walnut for that. I also used some Walnut to make some peghead ears to blend the look of the body and headstock.
For the body Tom liked the Zebrawood that he had seen on the website site so we went with that. Zebrawood has a nice bright sound and is as strong as it is beautiful. To balance the tone we decided to use Walnut for the core wood of the body. I searched around for some Walnut with nice lines and color and came up with this. Nothing fancy but the color looks great with the lines in the Zebrawood. The body is chambered to keep the weight down and the whole guitar is finished in a light satin oil varnish which lets the tone ring out. Throw in some Gabon Ebony pickups rings, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and Grover tuners and we can call this guitar finished.

A fun build and a great customer to work with.

Ginger 011811

This little darling is Ginger, a 25 inch scale, 24 fret, rock and blues machine. Her features are a Hard Maple neck with Madrone veneers on her peghead. Bloodwood binding and MOP diamond inlays adorn her Ebony fret board. Her body is Maple with a Madrone top, body binding, and a vintage amber tint under a satin varnish. Her electronics are Seymour Duncan STK 4 noise cancelling single coiled pickups in the neck and mid positions and a JB humbucker in the bridge position. She sports a Hipshot bridge and Sperzel locking tuners.
I started her in January and have had to put her to the back burner until around March when she was purchased by a customer in Texas who had me change the finish to the vintage amber color you see her in now. This guitar sounds amazing and balances well. She weighs 7.6 pounds.

JS 6 081910

This guitar was completed on Sept. 22,2010 and was custom made for Jim of the band Mi Rival in Des Moines, Iowa. This band is on to good things so look for them in the future.

The neck is made of two pieces of quarter sawn Hard Maple with a Walnut accent stripe down the center. The Rosewood fret board has 24 frets and is of a 25 inch scale. The peghead veneers are of Rosewood and sport abalone shell inlays. The neck has a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber stabilization bars running the length of the neck.
The body is SA Mahogany with a nice Quilted Maple top. The body was chambered for weight reduction and is very light.
Her electronics are Duncan stacked singles in the neck and center position and a JB humbucker in the bridge position.
Her hardware consists of Sperzel locking tuners, chrome PU rings, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and Dunlope straploks.

Hyacinth 080610

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This beauty is one of the best looking guitars to ever come out of my shop. She has a two piece quarter sawn neck with a dual action truss rod and 2 carbon fiber stab bars to keep her neck stable. Her 25 inch scale Gabon Ebony fret board has 24frets and abalone shell block inlays. The peg head veneers are both Gabon Ebony and she has the first Drake inlay to go on any instrument. Her body is made of some very nice South American Mahogany topped with Burl/ Birdseye Maple. The shape is a new style for me and one that I plan to use in the future. The cavity cover is made from the same piece of wood as the body and matches nicely. The strings run through the body via inset ferrules on the back and front. She is finished in a glossy varnish except the back of the neck which is satin to keep a nice fast feeling.
Her electronics are Duncan “59” in the neck position and a JB in the bridge position. They run through a 3 way switch and are wired with a master volume and master tone. Chrome Tune-O-Matic bridge, tuners, strap buttons, and Ebony pick-up rings complete her equipment.

Charly 112209

The instrument was a new design prototype and is a one of a kind instrument. She was crafted in November of 2009. She was purchased by Todd Riekena of the bands Taciturn and Tool tribute band Saturn Acends.  Since then I have had her back for some upgrades and to receive a logo as she was built prior to Drake Custom.
Her features start with a 3 piece quarter sawn Hard Rock Maple neck with a Walnut stripe down the center. Her fret board is Gabon Ebony and sports 24 frets, abalone dot inlays with white plastic side dots. The neck is supported by a dual action truss rod and 2 carbon fiber stabilization bars. The peg head has Zebrawood veneers on both front and back and the nut was made from a Graphtech blank. 1 5/8 at the nut and 2.25 at the 24 fret. The neck is slim and fast.
Her body is comprised of a richly colored Walnut core with Zebrawood facings on front and back. She has been chambered to reduce weight (7.4 pounds) and give her a more open tone. She has been re-finished in my catalyzed urethane finish that resists wear and tear better than lacquer. The body thickness is about 1.5 inches and is carved and contoured for comfort.
The electronics package consists of a Seymour Duncan brand model “59 humbucker in the neck position and a JB model in the bridge position. The 3 way switch allows for different combinations and the set is wired with a single Volume and Master Tone control.


BH 6 062910

This beauty is a custom build made as a gift for a customer’s Dad. The order was for a light weight instrument that had a tremolo and had a traditional feel to it. The neck was to be made of a wood that did not need finish.
I made the body out of light weight Swamp Ash and carved it to look like a modern version of an old T-castor design. I made the neck out of Wenge which is a stable wood that does not need finishing. I did wipe some oil on it for color but that was it. The tremolo is a “Trem King” brand which was a first for me but I can say they make a good product. The Duncan pickups are some of the best noisless single coils I have ever heard. A very fun project and I have received many good compliments on the headstock design. I will have to use it again sometime.

Madison 060610

The neck of this instrument is 1 piece of quarter sawn Zebrawood with tight grain patterns resulting in a very hard and durable neck. The neck is also supported by a dual action truss rod and 2 carbon fiber stabilization rods. The fret board is crafted of Gabon Ebony and has abalone dot inlays, 22 jumbo frets, and white plastic side dot markers. The veneers on the front and back of the head stock are made of Zebrawood and match the body in figure and color. The nut is made of a Graphtech blank and is 1 5/8 inches wide. The neck is 2.25 inches at the 22nd fret and the scale is 25.5 inches. The neck feels slim and fast with only a light finish of polyurethane.

The body of this guitar is made of Black Walnut which has had some minor chambering to reduce weight (the guitar is 8.8 pounds, beefy like the perfect steak) and is topped with ½ inch of Zebrawood. This wood is very dense and will take much abuse. Because of the weight and choice of woods this guitar has a nice focused, punchy tone and sounds awesome in the hands of a seasoned blues player or ballsy rock musician. Forearm and belly cuts are carved to add comfort. A thin but durable satin poly finish protechs the wood from wear and tear.

The hardware is handsomely chrome plated tuners, bridge, and pickup rings along with large strap buttons for your worn out strap. Ebony truss cover and control knobs rounds out the hardware.

The pickups are 2 Seymour Duncan STK-S4 single coils stacks, tuned for the Neck and Mid positions, and a JB humbucker for the bridge. A 5 way switch gives you a pallet of tone choices. The Volume and Tone pots are very responsive according to people who have tested this guitar.
This guitar was recently updated with a Drake logo inlay to her headstock (does not appear in the photos).

7 String Guitar

JS 7 #1

This guitar was custom built in 2009 and was played on stage at last year’s Download festival in the UK. This is one of two Drake Custom 7 strings built for the previous owner. This instrument is in great condition and has a very stable neck. The owner said that even while touring overseas, he did not have to adjust the neck at all and she played great.

The features are: Quarter sawn Hard Maple neck with dual action truss rod and carbon fiber stabilization bars. 24 fret, 25.5 inch scale, Rosewood fretboard with abalone shell inlays. The peghead veneers and the fret board are made from the same billet of Indian Rosewood. The body is Honduran Mahogany with a natural satin hand rubbed varnish. EMG 707 humbucker pickup with only the volume control, perfect for metal. Black hardware and Dunlope straplocks finish out the equipment. The scratch plate fixed to the face of the guitar can be removed without any damage or screw holes left on the guitar.

New JS 7

This is the second 7 string built for the same customer who had the first JS 7 built. He took his first guitar on tour and liked it so much that he put money down to have me build her a sister. I used the same basic idea but he wanted Swamp Ash for the body and he liked purple, so we went with Purpleheart for the peghead veneers and scratch plate. That is the natural color of the wood. No dyes were used. The neck is quartersawn Hard Maple with a very nice piece of Maccassar Ebony for the fret board. She carries 24 frets and is a 25.5 inch scale length. One modification he wanted to try was the switchable EMG 707 pickup. It can be a single coil of a humbucker with the flip of the mini-switch (note that the mini switch was not installed when the photos were taken thus the small hole by the knob) . A very stable guitar with excellent playability.